Technology in Physical EducationIntegrating the use of technology in standard educational classrooms has already proven to be a smart step into the future of teaching, and helps in many ways to push the students and learners of today to be more comfortable and knowledge in the 21st century. But, how will the use of technology be beneficial to kinesiology and physical education classrooms? Where will the use of technology come into play? Technology can be used in monumental ways for physical educational classes just as much as it has been used in standard educational classes. Now PE students don’t have to just rely on static pictures and paragraphs in a textbook to learn, but can interact with computers and even video games to actually visually and physically see the motion of mechanics of movement, for example, or any other aspect of physical education. Integrating technology into PE classes will allow for more understanding of any topic at hand, and eventually will become the norm in teaching curriculums in today’s society.
Kids Using Heart monitors in PE
These technology skilled PE teachers of today are learning to use "exergames" in classes - exergames are video-games combined with fitness

Types of Technology in PE
In the link above heart rate monitors are used in PE classes to observe the peak level of a student while in class. By using these monitors teaches are allowed to see whether or not their students are reaching their full potential during their class time. By using this form of technology in class it enables the instructor to keep up with their students health and fitness during class. It can also help to detect problems in children that have health issues. And may possibly be able to prevent some of them from happening in class. (picture on the left)

Active Video Gaming for Fitness and Education
At the page, there is an article on how technology skilled PE teachers of today are learning how to use "exergames" in classes. These games dramatically raise interest in PE class, which makes it fun and interesting to students and they in turn actually want to participate. (middle picture)

Motivating Kids to Exercise: Is Technology The Answer?

XRKADE is a technological fitness system developed by iTech Fitness that combines the
usefulness of exercise and the effectiveness of gaming to provide a program for students,
as well as adults, which gives them the opportunity to have the most fun in exercising that
they most likely will have in their lives.

"Using Technology to Motivate Kids to Exercise"

Reactions from students at Jersey Shore Area Middle School on their new XRKADE system

Get Your Exercise Funk On...

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"Using Technology for Clarification and Demonstration"

This video demonstrates the advantages of using Skpye in the classroom. In this particular case, a PE teacher is using Skype to explain the lesson to his students, since he could not be there personally to walk through the lesson with everyone. As mentioned in the video, this makes it easier for both the substitute teacher, as well as the children in the class. Since the actual PE teacher can explain the activity though the computer, and "in person" there is limited confusion as to what it is the students should be doing. By utilizing Skype, it opens up so many more options than simple written directions can offer. Often times students will have a question that the substitute is not in a position to answer, or simply does not know since it's not specified in the written directions. Through "skyping," the children have an opportunity to ask the PE teacher clarifying questions, and since they can talk to one another, they receive answers to their questions right away. Technology has taken giant steps over the past few years. This is just one example of how technology is being used to better the students' experiences in the classroom.

Teachers bringing in heart rate monitors and videogames in place of traditional physical equipment